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All program files (.EXE) are free and are designed
to run with any Window's version, 3.X, 95, 98,
and even, sad to say, 2000 and up.
(They are designed for the most users, not the fewest.)

If you prefer, you can test-run these programs by clicking the 'Download' link for the program, then selecting the option 'Run this program from its current location'. If you decide you want to keep the program, the next time select the option 'Save this program to disk'.   Read this for more details.

The programs require no installation or uninstall - move them wherever you want.   They never access the Registry or other system files.

Eliza is another FUN version of a 'chatterbox' program. You enter your comments or questions and Eliza responds. Eliza emulates a Rogerian psychologist -- originally conceived by Joseph Weizenbaum at MIT during the mid '60s, Eliza uses pattern matching rules with human entries and configures a reply pertinent to the 'conversation'.

If you are unfamiliar with using downloaded programs, read this.

Try it - it's a small program, only 125K, just over a minute with a 56K modem.
Eliza Screen       Download Eliza16.Exe   Version 4.5
(For Win3.1-Vista)
Eliza Screen       Download Eliza.Exe   Version 4.5
(For Win95 & up)

TimeSet is the simplest way to manually set the time on a PC.  Using heuristic techniques to simplify a time change, TimeSet is EXCELLENT for your friends and relatives that aren't too computer literate.  And, it doesn't require an Internet connection or have the conflicts and crashes automatic time setting programs have.

Just click on the Time icon or press 'T', then enter '54' and it changes the current time to 54 minutes past the hour!  No colons ':' are necessary, just enter 545 and you get the nearest 5:45 (AM or PM).  Enter 'a' or 'p' to reverse AM and PM times!

It also compares your 'hardware clock' with your 'software clock' - and can update your software clock - read about it in the extensive Help Screens!

If you are unfamiliar with using downloaded programs, read this.

Try it - it's a small program, only 84K, less than half a minute with a 56K modem.
TimeSet Screen       Download Time16.Exe   Version 1.95
(For Win3.1-XP)
TimeSet Screen       Download TimeSet.Exe   Version 2.1
(For Win95 & up)

DotTest is a necessary program if you are buying a new or used display!   It is especially true if the display is a laptop or any flat screen LCD!   With a 6X-10X magnifier and 10 minutes, you can thoroughly test the operating condition of a monitor.  LCD flat screens have more 'dead' dots than you would imagine!   Count the defective dots on your monitor before you buy.   Ten tests, 7 critical tests - Measures Dot Pitch, checks Purity, Extinct Dots, Gray Scale, Focus, Alignment, Rotation, and more. Has more than 40 context sensitive information pages, printable in one document.

If you are unfamiliar with using downloaded programs, read this.

Try it - it's a small program, only 384K, a little more than a minute with a 56K modem.
DotTest Screen       Download DotTest.Exe   Version 5.6U

RatCheck is a necessary program when your mouse starts acting strange!   It tests your button clicks for accidental double and triple clicks, which cause you anguish and grief while surfing the 'Net.

The smoothness of the mouse movement is also checked with an easy to read graph and numerical scores.

All the tests provide quantitive measurements, letting you easily see how fast your mouse is developing bad habits.

All the tests can be completed within a minute.

Even optical and wireless mice develop bad habits and this program gives you a method to determine when you need to take action. Your mouse will thank you, your browser will thank you, and ALL the web pages you visit will thank you.

If you are unfamiliar with using downloaded programs, read this.

Try it - it's a small program, only 85K, about 1/3 minute with a 56K modem.
RatCheck Screen       Download RatChk16.Exe   Version 1.89
(For Win3.1-XP)
RatCheck Screen       Download RatCheck.Exe   Version 1.87
(For Win95 * up)

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