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Capitols of the States Learn the Capitols of all the States QUICKLY!
Interesting page - try it!.
M/W Oven Power,
Electric Blankets,
Brightest Bulb Puzzle
Quickly and accurately measure your Microwave Oven's Power,
Details about Electric Blanket Measurements,
Solve the Brightest Bulb Puzzle.
Energy Equivalents and Usage Reference conversions and data involving energy usage. Necessary information for the environmentally conscious, comparing typical household energy issues.
Energy Comparisons Electric vs. Natural Gas Costs
Surprising data about heating your water
Water Heater Wonders
Read My Meter How to Read Utility Meters
Paper or Plastic? Costs of Paper vs. Plastic.
Practical Weights and Measures Lengths, Weights, Measurements & Conversions, including metric.
Tablespoons to Teaspoons, common and obscure terms, also has Paper, Temperature, Medical Drug, Pressure, and many other measurement definitions.
Measurement Standards & Basics Standards used in various measurements.
Basic information. It is very dry.
Information about YOUR Browser Useful Information and specs about YOUR browser that could be sent back to web sites.

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