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Screen Resolution Active Viewing Area
  Horz.     Vert.
Horz.     Vert.
Current Mouse Position Browser Position
Horz.     Vert.
Left     Top

Browser Info Version 2.4:

Browser Info is used to test various browsers' specifications. All values are in screen Pixels. And all are dynamic, changing as you change the browser.

Screen Resolution is the total number of Pixels on the monitor's screen. (Set by the Operating System)

Active Viewing Area is the Pixel area within the browser's visual window at any given time. Using the browser's borders to increase or decrease the size of the browser's window changes these values.

Browser Position is the Pixel offset from the left edge of the browser to the left edge of the screen. Normal it is the offset from the top of the browser window to the top of the screen, although SOME browsers report the offset from the top of browser's 'active viewing area' to the top of the screen.

Current Mouse Position indicates the Pixel position at the very tip of the cursor arrow. Pressing the left Mouse Button shows the mouse position in a yellow popup window. This is useful when the slider bars move to a position out of view of the Mouse Position values printed in the fixed squares - like right now!!

Uses: Aside from the obvious, you can go to another web page, adjust the browser sides or the mouse pointer to a point of interest on that page. Then use the browser keys to come Back to this page (Use 'ALT- Left Arrow' on most browsers to come back, or ALT - Right Arrow to return to the other page). Now read the mouse position (or click the left button to get the mouse position). You'll know the exact position of the item on the other page!

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