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Capitols teaches you the capitol cities of each state very quickly.

Simply click on the city you think is the capitol of the state.

If you are correct, the scores are updated and the next state is printed.
A popup message tells you if you are incorrect.

The RESET button clears all the scores and restarts this page.

The HINT button gives a hint, usually a VERY easy hint.

The Scores:
"Correct" - the number of correct answers
"Incorrect" - the number of incorrect answers
"% Correct" - the percentage of your correct answers
"Total Tries" - the number of answers you have given
"Hints" - the number of hints you've requested
(The RESET button clears all these scores.)

When you answer correctly, that state is 'retired' and you are not asked again.
If you miss an answer, it is repeated later, OFTEN, if necessary.

Once you have answered all the states correctly, you are congratulated.
The message also gives your Final Score - the percent correct, less TWO percent for each Hint given.
When you click OK, this webpage restarts, clearing all the Scores.

Flashcard Mode

After selecting the Flashcard Mode, click Reset to start the timer.
Immediately begin answering!

You are allowed an average of  3 seconds for each answer.
Answers are scored, with NO messages for incorrect answers.
Questions are never repeated during a session.
When the time is up, a message tells you how many were answered in how many seconds.
No Hints are given.

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