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Know Matter Fun Links

This collection of links includes practical and informative links,
as well as whimsical and silly ones.

GREAT Magic Site!
Go to the Cave of Magic, it's the BEST!! It's so good, it'll make the hairs on your neck stand up! For you programmers, look at the source all you want, the secret's not there, it's MAGIC!

Click the Ball!
Super Nice Effects - but difficult to do!!

GUESS Your Number
Nice trick - let it try to guess your number!!

Intelligence Test
Very NICE test, but THINK carefully before answering!!

Guess WHO??
This is VERY well done site. You think of some dictator or some TV sitcom character. With Yes/No answers, it will GUESS the character!!

US Map Test
Do you THINK you know where each U.S. state is?

Yankee or Dixie? Quiz
Quick Quiz about your speech habits

Imagine something...

Old Barn
Where old barns go

Laser Show
Technically is WAY COOL!!
Artistically is also very nice!

Stinkin Badges
Reference site for the famous quote "Badges? We don't need no stinkin' BADGES!"
You will not believe the number of references!!

Dialect Quiz
Very interesting, short quiz about phrases you commonly use.

My EyeSite
It's self-explanatory.

Don't go HERE! You'll waste TOO much time - FUNNY!.

Another Puzzle
Can you figure THIS one out?
(CLICK on the small figure on the lower right.)

Digital Clock
You'll laugh, it's a digital clock, using a person's "digits"!

Movie Data Base
Without a doubt, another one of the BEST sites on the web!! Movie information anyway you want it!!

Movie Physics
Stupid things and ideas done in movies that defy the laws of physics!! Hooray for decency in Movie Physics!

Where's George?
Ever wonder where your dollar bill has been? Check here.

Flattery, if you need it.

Space Pictures
More pictures from Space and about astronomy than you've seen anywhere else. Even those not interested in the least by astronomy will find the pictures quite interesting. Quick loading!

NASA info about space images, earth, and the other planets

Computer Virus Myths
Web Hoaxes
Virus Info & Folklore
Health Related Scams
General E-mail & Rumors
Top 100 April Fools
Fake Computer Virus Information - read this and stop screwing up your PC when you get lying emails from friends telling you that you have a virus. Also includes other scam information.

Paranormal Claims
Inspiring Tales and & Pleas for Help
More stuff for everyone to decide whether truth or fiction.

Quotations from EVERYONE - use these, appear smart

Scientific Trivia
Other Trivia
Scientific Trivia for smart people and Other Trivia

Furby Info
Oh NO! Don't tell you forgot about Furbies! (They were the little electronic 'pets'.) Very nice, detailed Information for Techies!

How Stuff Works
This is a GREAT site - all about how things work!

Famous Recipes

Recipes of famous items (Big Mac, KFC, etc)
Good info - but lots of Popups - bring your gun.

A very odd site - has odds of dying under various circumstances.

Pig Parts
The other white meat

Excellent Pattern Study - Change the NUMBER!

Incredible Rubic's Cube Prank - nicely done.

Information about YOUR Browser
Useful Information and specs about YOUR browser that could be collected by web sites. See for yourself

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