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Know Matter Serious Links

This collection of links includes practical and informative links,
for business and serious use.

Paintings Excellent Custom Folk Art Paintings at super prices!!

Prints and Originals available.

Cheerful, whimsical original paintings of your favorite pet, all from a photograph you supply.

Yukon SUV Info
All the background, help, problem resolution, and information on the GM Yukon SUV.

Atlanta Gas Prices
Gas Prices
The current price of gasoline in Atlanta. This site has prices for many other cities.

Light Bulb Info
Really useful lighting information, hints, details. SUPER!

9/11 Quilt
Very impressive Quilt. Must see to appreciate.
Click on the Quilt to see closer and closer view.

Film/Video Production
Need Film transferred to Video for DVD, Broadcast, or Duplication? Excellent quality, reasonable terms.

Information about YOUR Browser
Useful Information and specs about YOUR browser that could be collected by web sites. See for yourself

PI (3.1416...)
PI to 1 Million Places - izzat close enough?

Easily translate any major language to another major language - cut and paste

Consumer Price Index - between any two years - compare costs of living now with a year in the past!!

Historical Stock Quotes
Stock Quotes - between any two dates

Computer Terms, - 'AARP' is AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol. Betcha' didn't know that!

Internet Archives
Archives of Internet pages! Find pages no longer online!!

You need to register (but it's free) - also has Social Security Death Index

US Statistics
A HUGE amount of statistics from the U.S. government!!

Find and Write your Congressperson
Write your Representative
Write your Senator
Ratings of Congresspersons
Current Bills before Congress
U.S. Congressional Information.
Note: for the first link, write your email, EDIT/COPY, and be ready to PASTE it into the form provided.

IRS Forms & Info
US IRS & Tax Forms

State Sites
Search for all State Government sites by State

Check Doctors
Check Facility
Check Doctors for Board Certification
Check Accreditation of Facilities

Charity Check
Charity Check
Charity Check, Search
Charity Check
Check on Charities - activities, assets, annual income, etc.

Chemical Info - Text
Nice COLOR graphics
Chemical info - More than you can imagine!

Drug Info
Drug Info
Drug Info
Need DRUG info? When to take, how much, why not, etc.

Medical Information
A HUGE Medical Dictionary and Encyclopedia

Registered Number
Ha! You probably don't even KNOW what a RN# or Registered Number for clothing is, or how it's used. You need to go here!

UPC Number Lookup
SURELY you know what a UPC Number is used for -- the number under the bar code on most every product you buy!
Here's the way to find the company's name and address!
(Enter the little first digit, the middle 10 digits, and the last digit.)

BEST Phone Lookup
Reverse Lookup
Phone ID
Phone Lookup
Phone # Lookup

800 #
White Pages
BEST lookup & reverse lookup!
Good Reverse Lookup
Phone lookup service
Lookup w/ e-mail addresses
Phone Lookup
For Cell phones ($85 for reverse cell phone lookup)
PAYphone Lookup!
A directory of 800 numbers
Ultimate White Page Lookup

Connection Test
Connection Test
Test your Internet connection speed, DSL or Dialup

Internet Fraud
Report problems with Internet Fraud & read about same

Satellite Pictures
Maps drawn - with driving instructions and routes
Satellite Pictures looking down on your house!

Car Prices
Want to know how much your car is worth? Also has prices for New cars and even SUVs not yet rolled.

Car Safety
Your Safety
Car Safety Problems
Search for your vehicle's safety

Recycle Batteries
Where to recycle rechargeable batteries safely - zip code lookup

House Information
House Value
What's the value of your house? Or of your neighbor's house?
(Free registery)

Pavement Repair Info
Information and tips about concrete and asphalt repairs - for home or business.

Listing of Product Recalls in effect.

Even BETTER Listing of Product Recalls in effect.

BAC Calc.
Calculation of Blood Alcohol Content

Brief History of the United States
Excellent Movie - loads very quickly!

Hurricane Names
Hurricane Names for the next 5 YEARS!!

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